AviNation Enlgish - Fall 2011

From The Executive Director

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This year’s Forum & AGM is being held October 19 to 21 in Winnipeg. The panels and speakers will be discussing a wide range of topics and issues facing the industry, including Innovation, Partnership Models that Work, Attracting and Retaining Graduates, and Women in Aviation. These discussions and experts help shape CCAA projects and priorities. The AGM also provides an opportunity for CCAA to meet with all of its Boards and Committees as well as other industry representatives who provide such crucial guidance to CCAA. Again this year the Forum will be preceded by meetings of the National Training Association (NTA), Canadian Association of Deans of Aerospace (CADA), CCAA’s Accreditation and Certification Boards, the Youth Initiative Advisory Committee (YIAC) and the CCAA Board of Directors. There will be four workshops, each of which will address the unique skills development and demographic issues of a distinct segment of the industry: Aerospace, Operators, MROs, and Airports. Registrations to date show strong interest in each of these areas. As reported in the last issue of AviNation, in July of this year HRSDC announced changes to the Sector Council Program effective April 1, 2013. The federal government is refocusing funding on leadingedge labour market intelligence, occupational standards, and related certification and accreditation regimes. These are, of course, areas in which CCAA has extensive experience and expertise. As previously outlined, CCAA is developing a new model for its Accreditation program and improvements to its Certification program. A proposal for the new Accreditation program will be discussed with the NTA, CADA and Transport Canada at the meeting in Winnipeg on October 18 just before the Forum. Discussions about improvements to the Certification program have been ongoing for several months with the Accreditation and Certification Boards as well as with industry partners. A number of areas for improvement have already been identified and are being implemented. We are, of course, continuing our work on new occupational standards as reported elsewhere in this issue. This ongoing work, together with the recognition of CCAA’s expertise and ability to represent the industry as a whole, will position CCAA very well for the new HRSDC program. Finally, it is with regret that I advise you this will be the final issue of AviNation. Many of you have told me over the years how much you enjoy the magazine, which provides unique stories and content not found in other industry publications. Like most organizations, CCAA has increasingly come to rely on electronic communication. CCAA distributes its eBulletin every four to six weeks as well as publishing AviNation four times a year. It has become increasingly difficult to justify the cost of publishing AviNation and we have decided to focus our resources on increasing our electronic communication in order to provide more timely information to our stakeholders. I am sure you will all join me in thanking Kate Missen, Editor of AviNation, and graphic designer Phil Desmarais, who have done such a marvelous job of producing AviNation over the years. I also wish to thank all of those who contributed the articles and stories that made AviNation such a great magazine. I look forward to seeing you in Winnipeg. Robert Donald Executive Director

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