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This is the Skills and Workforce issue of AviNation magazine. I am sad to report that it is also the last issue of AviNation. I have enjoyed editing this magazine and have met many interesting writers and photographers as well as business owners and teachers in aviation and aerospace. CCAA will be turning now to the internet and email to communicate with people in the aviation and aerospace sector rather than using the printing press and postal service. Using technology in this way will enable faster and wider communications. This issue has three feature articles reflecting the theme: Robert Seaman uses two companies to illustrate the state of AMOs in Canada (page 12); Roger Beebe reflects on making the jump from technician to manager (page 19); and the third article is a wrapup of the Canadian Skills Competition held in Québec City in June (page 16). My thanks to Richard Johnstone of BCIT and Michel Michaud of ÉNA for their help with that article. As always, we have profiles of CCAAaffiliated schools and businesses. CCAA’s high school program, AMOP, is its longest running and most successful project, running in 24 high schools across Canada. AMOP’s aim is to introduce high school students to basic concepts of flight and engines, in order to steer them toward aviation and aerospace as a career choice. In this issue we are introduced to two schools: Bradford District High School in Bradford, Ontario (page 25) and to the newest AMOP school, Rick Hansen Secondary School in Abbotsford, BC (page 28). In postsecondary education, Red River College’s Stevenson Campus in Winnipeg, Manitoba, has long been associated with CCAA (page 22). CCAA and StandardAero of Winnipeg, Manitoba also have a longstanding relationship. In this issue, StandardAero describes its technology cooperative involving industry, academia and government, Centre for Aerospace Technology and Training (CATT) (page 20). The Forum & AGM is CCAA’s most important event of the year, (October 19 to 21, 2011). We thank our corporate sponsors and exhibitors (back cover); you will also see ads for some of them on pages 30 and 31. You can read recent back issues of AviNation online in a pageturning format by going to www.avaerocouncil.ca and clicking on the AviNation logo in the Quick Links column. I wish you, the readers, all the best in the future. I thank my regular writers, Roger Beebe, Peter Pigott, Robert Seaman and Bill Zuk; my “occasional” writers, Bill Trbovich and Wilson Boynton; and all the photographers who sent me wonderful images, in particular, Joetey Attariwala and Richard Lawrence (whose photos of the Lancaster bomber in flight are on page 32). I also thank the talented translators at Idem traduction, and the team at Annex Publishing & Printing Inc., in particular Alison de Groot, Stephanie DeFields and the prepress technicians who are so very sharpeyed and skillful. I owe a lot to my colleagues here at CCAA, in particular, to graphic designer Phil Desmarais. Thank you all — it has been a great pleasure to work with you. Kate Missen Editor

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