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CCAA Project List; Project Update — Short Courses

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With the assistance of industry and subjectmatter experts, CCAA is developing four new short courses for industry to use for upgrading the technical and managerial skills, as well as by students. The new courses will be selected from the following: Maintenance Manager, Aviation Manager, Audit Management, Aviation English, Accountable Executive, Diagnostic Machining, and Document Navigation/Air Regulation Introduction and Refresher. CCAA is consulting with all segments of the industry to ensure that the short courses address a real need and will deliver value. Each Short Course has a working group of approximately six participants. The working groups comprise representatives from corporations and training organizations, who will set outcome objectives for the course. The subjectmatter expert for each course will create the course content, including a plan for course delivery, an exam (if deemed necessary), and an instructor guide. The working group will then review the submitted material and will suggest the best delivery method for the course. At the time of writing, Working Group conference calls are well under way and are scheduled for completion in late September. From October 2011 to March 2012, the draft student materials and instructor guides for each course will be produced for review. The Project Manager will consult with training organizations and industry to confirm the best delivery method. With the goals 1) of offering an improved and enhanced training system to aid employer recruitment and retention efforts, and 2) of increasing productivity and safety in the Industry, CCAA expects that the delivery method for most of the Short Courses will be online. This method will help to provide affordable, accessible training and reduce traditional barriers to training, such as distance, budget, and availability.

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