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Importance Of Advisory Committees; Pilot Occupational Standard — Next Steps

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Pilot Occupational Standard is the first step — The Importance of Advisory Committees A key element of any occupational standard is the supporting advisory committee that is made up of industry experts. The newly completed Pilot Occupational Standard provides a very useful checklist for air operators and employees. However, while in general, there may be similarities in tasks, there is a need to form specialized groups to add jobspecific flying tasks and their associated required competencies. For instance, what is expected of a float plane pilot, compared to, say, a flight instructor or an “ag” pilot when arriving for a flight? Pilot Occupational Standard — Next Steps Recently, it was neat to find a proposal I had written in 2002 — when I was then Vice President of the Air Transport Association of Canada (ATAC) — to develop a national training standard for commercial pilots. Some form of national standard has long been a hope of the ATAC Flight Training Committee and of the Canadian Association of Aviation Colleges, so it was gratifying now, as Director of Membership, Accreditation and Certification at the new CCAA, to actually publish a National Occupational Standard for Pilots. In further work, an advisory group has been formed, and a proposal has been drafted for the further development of the NOS into an Instructor’s Guide for a national commercial pilot training standard, which currently does not exist. There is also a desire by certain professional pilot education institutions to become accredited through the development of a Training Control Manual, based on the national occupational standard, to a specific job outcome. In support of the new Pilot Occupational Standard, CCAA is holding a series of information sessions to discuss how to use the standard. The following sessions are confirmed: * in partnership with MAC in Winnipeg, October 17 to 22, 2011 * in partnership with SAC in Saskatoon, October 25 to 27,2011 * in partnership with ATAC in Montreal, November 13 to 15, 2011 Any additional sessions will be posted on the CCAA web site under the Services tab at www.avaerocouncil.ca.

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