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Enhanced CCAA “System” Of Industry Accreditation And Certification; Monthly Teleconference

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Twenty years ago, a straightforward request from Canada’s airlines for the rationalizing of aviation maintenance nonlicensed trades was the impetus for the formation of the CAMC logbook system to record experience based on a national occupational standard (Certification). Another request from the industry produced the accreditation process to ensure that graduates from aviation maintenance programs received training to the standard required by the industry (Accreditation). In many cases, industry stakeholders have made graduation from a CCAAaccredited school or certification to a occupational standard a prerequisite for employment. Both CCAA processes (Accreditation and Certification) have wellestablished boards with representatives from both industry and training organizations. All 11 curricula and many other occupational standards require subjectmatter experts to ensure that the tasks documented in the occupational standards reflect the realities of the job. CCAA recognizes a need to enhance the original CAMC system in order to better serve industry and to engage provincial agencies and regional decision makers. Industry partners will be provided with a range of tools and services, such as: * Permission to use “Supporter of CCAA Certification and Accreditation” logo for industry letters, tender bids and web site promotion. * Access to an accredited education program database that will be available to provincial and international decision makers as well as students. * Access to a certification registration database that will be helpful to certified workers looking for a job, as well as for employers looking for certified workers. * Companyspecific delegated certification authority including employee training. CCAA is also continuing its collaboration with industry associations such as AIAC, HAC, NATA, ATAC and CBAA, as well as with regional associations. Collaborations include the following certification and accreditation services: * Quality Systems Auditor training and certification (which is proving particularly important to satisfy Transport Canada Program Validation requirements). * Online human factors (HF) training programs * Fatigue riskmanagement modules * Participation in projects to develop online management training tools. Finally, CCAA has developed new programs to provide the aviation and aerospace industry with companyspecific certification systems to assist in the skill development of employees.

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