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Why Should The Aircraft Maintenance Training Program You Choose Be CCAA Accredited?; Upcoming Industry Events

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CCAA accreditation of training organizations is based on industrydeveloped Occupational Standards. An occupational standard is industry documentation of the knowledge and skills that a student must have to be a valuable employee in a particular trade. Curricula are developed and programs accredited using Occupational Standards. CCAA manages Accreditation and Certification Boards as well as particular occupational advisory committees to make sure that the standard is updated regularly. Many CCAA corporate partners specify a requirement for new hires to have graduated from CCAAaccredited programs. Canadian organizations are well aware of the value of accreditation in attracting foreign students, as that is often the deciding factor for these students looking at Canada as a source of relatively inexpensive yet high quality training. CCAA receives daily inquiries about its accredited programs from people across Canada and abroad. Verifying that a training organization is CCAAaccredited is one way of ensuring that the program meets the requirements of the industrydeveloped occupational standard. A list of CCAAaccredited training programs in Canada can be found on CCAA’s web site at www.avaerocouncil.ca under the Accreditation tab. By insisting on an accredited training program, you send a strong message to training institutions across Canada that quality matters. While most training institutions in Canada recognize the importance of meeting industrydeveloped standards and strive to meet the standards for CCAA program accreditation, some appear to be satisfied with meeting minimum standards. Major stakeholders of the aviation and aerospace industry met recently and agreed that CCAA accreditation must be based on a robust program with elevated standards developed with industry input. Quality Assurance (QA) is one of the key areas in which CCAAcertified auditors measure for effectiveness during a CCAA accreditation audit. An effective QA program ensures that documented systems developed by a training organization, and approved by the regulator, are both carefully followed by faculty and carefully monitored for effectiveness.

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