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Training Workshops

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CCAA, in partnership with industry representatives and training providers, has developed a suite of training solutions to assist organizations with strategies for business management, safety management and risk mitigation, as well as for quality assurance. Each of these solutions was developed to assist with, among other things, implementing Safety Management Systems. CCAA-accredited training can be applied towards any occupational standard for certification. NOTE: New workshop well received! New — Person Responsible for Maintenance Control (PRMC) Workshop One-day workshop Following numerous requests from industry, CCAA has developed a oneday workshop to help individuals (especially PRMCs who are not AMEs) understand the duties and responsibilities associated with managing fleet maintenance requirements Quality Systems Auditor (QSA) Workshop Two-day workshop This workshop is now being booked across Canada as companies recognize the importance of employing auditors that are certified to a national standard. It provides an introduction to the tasks and responsibilities of Quality Systems Auditors, to ensure an organization’s processes are effective and compliant with regulations. Quality Assurance (QA) Workshop for Managers One-day workshop Based on the Occupational Standard for Quality Assurance Manager, the workshop also includes an examination of common areas of weakness for organizations implementing Safety Management Systems. Topics include management systems, policy documents, documenting procedures, quality assurance, and requirements for Safety Management. Initial Human Factors (HF) Training Two-day workshop This training package has two modules: “Introduction to Safety Management Systems and Human Factors” and “The Dirty Dozen”; together, they exceed Transport Canada’s Human Factors training requirements. Fatigue Risk Management Workshops Half-day workshop for employees Helps employees recognize the risks associated with fatigue and manage that risk. One-day workshop for employers Participants receive the tools necessary to implement a company fatigue riskmanagement system. Tools include instructor guide, power point presentation, lesson plan and student materials. Human-Resource and Training Solutions for Small Airports One-day workshop Assists small airport operators in identifying the knowledge, skills and attitudes that workers need in order to fulfill Safety Management System requirements. Aircraft De/anti-Icing/Surface Contamination Workshop (Facilitated by Leading Edge De-Icing) One-day workshop This workshop offers the most comprehensive Ground Icing Safety Training to flight crews and aircraft de/antiicing service providers.

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