AviNation Enlgish - Fall 2011

Red River College, Stevenson Campus

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Located at Winnipeg’s International Airport and at Southport, Manitoba, Red River College (RRC), Stevenson Campus is at the heart of one of Canada’s major aviation and aerospace centres. Winnipeg is home to major facilities operated by the Boeing Company, Air Canada, StandardAero, and Magellan Aerospace. As well, a host of air carriers and aircraft maintenance providers service local, national and international needs. RRC Stevenson Campus is recognized as a provider of quality aviation and aerospace training across Canada, and is proud to be part of Manitoba’s aerospace community. Ten Years in Winnipeg major milestone approaches for Red River College as the Stevenson Campus Winnipeg facility nears its tenth Anniversary in February 2012. To date, over 22 classes of AME students have graduated from the AME Diploma Program, as well as hundreds more graduates from the Composites and Gas Turbine Engine Repair and Overhaul programs. You’ll find them working at AMOs across the country. Established programs are expanding and new training aids are being acquired. Recent additions include a functional Robinson R44 helicopter donated by Black Swan Helicopters, and a Navajo Chieftain aircraft. Plans are under way for a major celebration in spring 2012, including a flyin with historical, rotarywing, and amateurbuilt aircraft. AME Diploma Program With six AME intakes running simultaneously, the AME Diploma Program is running at full capacity. International training is a major contributor to the increased enrollment, with a significant number of students traveling from India to attend. RRC Stevenson Campus is adjusting and innovating to meet the logistical and cultural challenges of delivering international training. AME Apprenticeship Training As well, the Aircraft Maintenance Journeyperson program continues to thrive in Southport, Manitoba, attract ing students from AMOs across Canada. Still the only program of its kind in the country, the apprenticeship-style pro gram follows the traditional model used for most other trades, with students taking a break from working on live aircraft by attending classes for nine weeks a year for four years. At the end of the four years, students have amassed a wealth of real world experi ence and are ready to take the challenge of the AME CARs exam. Gas Turbine Engine Repair and Overhaul Along with AME training, Red River College continues to expand its involvement with the strong aerospace sector in Winnipeg. CCAA-approved gas turbine overhaul training is now offered in an apprenticeship model through Apprenticeship Manitoba, Standard Aero, and Red River College. StandardAero apprentices attend 12 weeks of training at RRC Stevenson Campus Gas Turbine Training Centre. Aerospace Manufacturing Winnipeg is recognized as a centre of expertise and activity in composites manufacturing, and Red River College Stevenson Campus has become an integral part of it. The four-month course in aerospace manufacturing takes place at one of the best-equipped and staffed composite training facilities in Canada. Supplying skilled workers to companies like Boeing keeps the composites facility busy day and night. As well as the established Aerospace Manufacturing Program, numerous short courses are held in conjunction with Boeing Ltd, including assembly and plastic tech training. A recent addition to the composite training centre is a model composite factory, where a part progresses from core to finished product with the part flow established by Boeing. Equipment includes a clothkitting machine, downdraft tables, an environmental booth, ovens, and a fiveaxis C&C router. Contract Training Human Factors training, Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs), and aerospace manufacturing short courses — Red River College Stevenson campus can and has delivered almost every type of aviation or aerospace course. Courses are tailored to meet industry needs on request, and are held either at RRC Stevenson Campus facilities or at a company’s own facilities. AME Refresher Training Every spring, the Red River College Southport facility runs an AME refresher course, and apprentice AMEs from across Canada attend to “sharpen their pencils” in preparation for the Transport Canada AME exams. The exam success rate for refresher course participants is well over 90%. Crossing Over For the past four years, students enrolled in Red River College’s Aviation Management Program have gone to Stevenson Campus to attend an Aircraft Engines and Systems course, where AME instructors deliver training on the intricacies of aircraft engines and systems to potential commercial pilots. Looking Ahead Red River College Stevenson Campus prepares for the future by supporting inclusiveness, developing new training, increasing capacity, and responding to industry demands. “Tried and true” handson training coupled with digital training aids, wireless technology and the continued development of a knowledgeable, committed staff are the key elements to continuing as an effective partner in aviation and aerospace.

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